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Our legal team with several years of combined experience is at your service. We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines. Learn more about our legal practice and fields of focus.

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Besides experience, and the fact that our specialized knowledge guarantees a tailor-made approach for targeted solutions, we do care about our clients and we take genuine interest in their concerns. 

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Our attorneys offer excellent legal service by combining specialized knowledge of the legal issues with developing a high degree of understanding, first of our clients, and then of the unique challenges for which they seek legal representation. Take a moment to view the legal team.

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We offer excellent legal services, flexibility to meet the needs of our busy clientelle, along with free consultation in a variety of practice areas. Learn about our speciality and other areas of law in which we practice.


Each case has unique facts, interests, and circumstances, so that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in all cases.

We thank God, however, that our firm has been successful in the services we provide, including the following:

  • Judgment from the Court of Special Appeals, in Annapolis, Maryland, affirming the trial court's dismissal of over $700,000 of claims against our client, in a Construction Law case.
  • Judgment in the Southern District of New York (federal court), awarding $168,707.74 in a Commercial Litigation case.
  • Settlement in New Jersey causing a bank to release $834,929.59 in insurance proceeds to rebuild client's commercial property.
  • Settlement of Commercial Litigation in Washington, D.C. Superior Court, stopping claims of $40,000 against our client.
  • Settlement in New Jersey, that reduced by $20,000 fees claimed by a public adjuster, for services over an insurance loss of our client's commercial property.
  • Small Business Administration in Washington, D.C.'s cancellation of proposed debarment, allowing client to continue receivng government-contracts via the Small Business Administration's 8(a) program.
  • Foreclosure Defense Litigation in New Jersey, reducing client's mortgage loan by over $300,000.
  • Foreclosure Defense Litigation in New Jersey, reducing client's mortgage loan by $378,000.
  • Dismissal of over $700,000 in claims against our client, in a Construction Law case in Prince George's County, Maryland.
  • Major pharmaceutical company in New Jersey withdrew its appeal of client's employment benefits.
  • Criminal case in Virginia ending with a favorable misdeameanor plea agreement.
  • Restored client's driving license in New Jersey, with charges dismissed after suspension for over a year.
  • Dismissal of criminal charges against client in New Jersey.
  • Several successful bankruptcy petitions relieving clients from the burdens of debt.

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Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.